Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing enables companies to consume compute resources as a utility — just like electricity — rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in-house.

In a rapidly changing technology environment, business users are looking at simple and secure applications that can be accessed at anytime, anywhere and on any device. These applications should be engaging, integrated, mobile compatible, available on net and cloud based.

TekAllied, Inc. highly skilled engineers help clients in selecting the best cloud computing model (public, private or hybrid) and platform type (Azure, Amazon, or Google App Engine). Our engineers develop new cloud apps, customize or migrate existing applications and post-implementation model provides a roadmap for clients in managing their applications and infrastructure.

Our Cloud Application Development offerings and expertise include:

  •   Cloud Assessment Consulting
  •   Cloud Application Development
  •   Cloud Application Migration
  •   Cloud Application Integration
We provide both onsite and offsite support to our clients..?