Data Analysis

TekAllied, Inc - We provide world-class IT services to our clients.

TekAllied, Inc. works in the area of BI & Data Science since 1989. The company has a rich scientific background and has contributed to 35+ patents in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. We offer advanced data science services to extract hidden value for your decisions.

BI products created by TekAllied, Inc. in 1990s – early 2000s are widely used in various industries. Among the users of our software were such well-known market players as UnileverColgate-Palmolive, CaterpillarMotorola and others.

To guarantee accurate and reliable outcomes, TekAllied, Inc. works closely with leading research institutions focused on data modelling, statistics and computer science.


Initial advice and direction. We help you realize how your business in particular can get a competitive advantage from Data Mining.

Advanced Data Analysis implementation. We offer full-cycle Data Analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modeling and suggestions on implementation. To make the results more accessible, we offer development of bespoke tools to be accessible from mobile, desktop or web environment.

Support service. TekAllied, Inc. offers continuous data analysis on the regular basis to keep you well informed.

We provide both onsite and offsite support to our clients..?